Due to Covid restrictions there will be no shows until further notice.

While dining at Cafe Lotus our guests can view Folklore Performances, taking place every night except Friday. Shows start at 7.30pm and last for about seventy minutes. In fairness to guests who make performances possible by purchasing tickets, those without tickets are asked not to go to the stage.

Your purchase of tickets is of direct benefit to the performers.

Reservations are accepted only in conjunction with dinner(as explained in a. b. c & d. below). Seating for guests consuming drinks only is very limited and no reservations are accepted.

  • a. from the restaurant seated at regular tables and chairs; distance to the stage about 25 metres; front-row tables carry per-person minimum charge of Rp 250.000 for food & beverage. plus Show tickets;
  • b. from the restaurant’s second row (with clear view of stage) one ticket per table of two and two tickets for up to five guests. Access to  the stage is limited to ticket holders.
  • c. from our (covered) terrace (lesehan) seated on low tables on cushions; distance to stage: 10 B 25 metres. Show tickets required for tables closer to the stage (#35 – 40)..
  • d. for your special occasion: from our bale patok, an elevated pavilion; seated on cushions at a low table, for private dining with excellent view of temple and stage; distance to stage: 20 metres. Minimum of Rp 350.000 for food & beverage per person plus ticket charges comfortably for six, up to eight persons
  • from in front of the stage (no dinner but beverages can be ordered from the bar).Tickets can be purchased prior to the show. Reservations fort this option are not taken.

Ticket charges of Rp 80.000 per person apply as indicated above; access to the stage is limited to actual ticket holders.

Tickets for Children under 10 (ten) years of age are at a 50% discount. Families (with small children and infants) are recommended to book tables on the terrace with or without a ticket option.

In case of inclement weather performances are moved to the wantilan (the two-storey building adjacent to Cafe Lotus) or may be cancelled at the discretion of the organizers..

Folklore performances are presented independent of Cafe Lotus, and all matters pertaining to the shows are beyond the restaurants control and responsibility; the latter is limited to refunding tickets purchased at our cashier.

Balinese Folklore Programme


Joged with Bamboo, Flute & Cymbal Orchestra

Ladies’ Orchestra and Legong Dance

Ramayana Ballet

Gamelan and Barong Dance

Men’s Orchestra and Legong Dance

Mythological drama (Arjuna & Shiva)
Men’s and Ladies’ Dances & Gamelan